Kahimunan  Northern Mindanao;CDO TRADE FAIR 2013

The city of Cagayan de Oro has celebrated its fiesta just recently. As part of its lots itinerary, the city has shared the Kahimunan  Northern Mindanao;CDO TRADE FAIR 2013. There were lots of participants who showcase their products and indigenous products to be enjoyed not only by Cagay-anons but all the others who are in the city who celebrate along everybody.

The said trade fair was in SM mall at the area between the department store and supermarket. Among the delegates or participants were from varied businesses scales. From a small to medium sizes of businesses; and they were coming from the neighboring cities and of Cagayan de Oro like, Jasaan, Bukidnon, Cotabato, Camiguin and more. Among the specific delicacies presented were Bukidnon’s Bounty-Foods, Shiga in Cagayan de Oro, Pastel pastries from Vjandep Bakeshop, 2N handicrafts, indigenous bags and wallets, Green Minds Inc.,Vesti, Indigenous  wood furniture, Eman Foods Phils., and more.

All of these delegates and participants did their best to make the trade fair successfully presented and evaluated by shoppers. We, too in the same way, happened to checked in the area to witness the varying delicacies on our very own city, as well as to those other neighboring areas. It was a great idea and scene to be in celebration with our city’s fiesta. Indeed, it was a great experience for all of us to experience the bountiful craftsmanship and in different scale businesses by our fellowmen. It is one of the proofs that our city will never be over powered by those bomb threat or any hazardous action by people  who are in grate hatred to the world.We, in CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP., would like to extend our great thanks for these group of companies, people and the like, who showcase their products and thoughts to make this trade fair done productively and safely.

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