2013 ELECTION Cagayan de Oro City

 2013 Election Cagayan de Oro City is now on its huge business in political world. Vast political posters are hanged all over the city and political campaign were scheduled on selected areas. It is undeniably, the city is seriously surrounded with this scenario. This is normal specially this season. In fact, this is not only here in the city, but as well as those other cities, provinces and all over the three big islands in Luson, Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines.

A lot of people are  on misty thoughts of how to choose their political  candidate bets to vote. It is not easy to choose whose the right individual  this time, specially having  a lot of candidates to choose from with their respective strengths and plot forms to offer the society. It is just two evenings to take, then election day already. So, we have to be more cautious, vigilant and be extra- more careful to give our support for the right and truthful official would be for our city, province and the senate.

No one could ever tell for the right and just official we may have, so we have to pray and have faith to God in choosing the person we’ll put in the position for our future. We will just bare in minds that, whoever would be in the position, is not the guarantee of our brighter future and economy, but they will just a precursor and instrument to reach our brighter future. This means that, the real and great factor would be coming from within and each one of us, as citizen to make our future bountifully blessed and prosperous! Let us elect individuals who would be trustworthy, prayerful, with contention in life and not without prejudices acts from the past.

From CDO HOME BUILDERS and CAGAYAN DE ORO HOMES, for this 2013  election, let’s be wiser and careful to vote our officials would be. Let’s make this season as well, as peaceful we could. May our God Almighty will guide our thoughts and decision to make this election would successfully done! Let’s vote wisely.

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