A 60% House Construction Update for De Los Reyes! 

“A home built with precaution, precision  and worth price in the benefits of the owner is nothing to compare than any other house building”

CDO HOME BUILDERS project, here we are again! Have we made you wait too long? We are hoping we’re not, because we are now having the update for this house construction project –Totally improved in a short period of time!

For two (2) months of constructing this house project we have in Golden Glow Village, Pueblo de Oro, we are now having these improvement updates for all of you to follow:

  • Partitioned ground floor
  • Partitioned second level
  • Started plastering on the ground floor with its interior
  • Almost finish plastering works on the second floor interior level
  • Completed CHB filling for the structural facade of the entire house building
  • On going installation for the plumbing lines
  • Installed and applied electrical connection
  • Installed door jambs

cdo home builders project


We will be having the following and scheduled scope of works this incoming week to be done. We are also on the target of completing the 60% of the total house construction. And all of you will be updated too, because we will kept you updated with our posts in this official website of CDO Home Builders project at www.cdohomebuilders.com.

As you know, CDO HOME BUILDERS project can make your home choice into construction. Would this be possible? Yes! It would really be possible because being part of Cagayan de Oro construction Philippines, is really in good thought and value to help you with your dream home to come true! 

As a home builder of this Mr. & Mrs. Vanessa De Los Reyes house construction project, we could say that, to start a single step in this field of home constructionis not bad at all. We can see numbers of Cagayan de Oro modern buildings now, but only a few which would be worked out with full dedication and willingness.

 Thus, in this project CDO Home Builders project we have, we bare in mind that to make our home construction project be done successfully, it needs full minds, prayers and trust to people around us, who are working with us as well. Thinking not only for the materials we get from this, but it is purely for the complete precision and precaution to all of our workers as well. That is when the benefits for our client come in.

For more inquiries, more details, free site viewing and bookings you may contact us CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP at www.cdohomebuilders.com through  +63-88-583-0005 (PLDT/Philcom) or +63-927-545-1491  (Globe) or +63-999-875-4537 (Smart)  and LIKE US ON our Facebook Fan Page CAGAYAN DE ORO HOMES or you may email us at [email protected].