House Extension and fencing works

Cdo Home Builders & Dev’t Corp. will not only accepts general house construction, but also house alteration or extension with minor works, like fencing. It would be our pleasure to help you even with your minor house concerns. Just recently, we were done with this kind of service to our other client. We have this house extension and fencing works in Golden Glow Village.

As for the details of this project, we had the following scope done for this client:

  • Full exterior painting for the entire house
  • Laundry area extension and
  • Complete fencing and steel gates

We were done with the works following the concepts and idea by the owner. All of those were customize and quite done well. All of us are thankful for this work and that; thankful for the owner for given us the chance to help them finish their house concern to be addressed well. And we can do the same with you also, who are need this kind of services. We would be pleased hearing your house concern and to be your help for making it to come true. You can always channel us your house construction or alteration concerns anytime. Just contact us!

CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP is ready to help all its clients to address the financing needs in building their dream homes, may it be in the purchase of lot, construction of house or mixed residential buildings, commercial buildings, purchase of house and lot, renovations, home improvements through its business partnered bank which will be able to accommodate 80% to 90% of the total project cost.

CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP offers the following services: a.) General Construction; b.) Interior designs; c.) Architectural designs; d.) Accepts renovation, remodeling; e.) choose your own design; f.) free consultation and g.) flexible financing scheme.

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