Zen Type House  with Swimming Pool to Rise

It’s April 2014 and it is a great time to start the second quarter of the year with this huge blessing from God for all of us to partake! As part of our vision and mission on this field of construction, we have this boons from above to start with total force, prayer and strength in Jasaan; the Zen type house with swimming pool to rise soon!

As for this project details, this would be having four bed rooms, four toilet and baths,family area, kitchen and dining areas, spacious receiving area, the view deck; wherein everyone would love the view at the sea shore, the garage and the 6 feet swimming pool. This will be started this month and of course, we will keep you all updated!

This project is would be the first zen type with roof deck and corresponding swimming pool. And we are of utmost interest to have this one be finished with kin coordination for the every detail and idea, which our client relayed to us. This is all base on her preference and her children, whom will be here in the Philippines to stay for good!

We are excited to assist with all the best we can and with all the skills and professionalism. And from us in Cdo Home Builders & Development Corporation, we would like to thank you in advance for Mrs. Marilu Snyder and her children in believing to our capability to have your dream beach house come true! It is our gratitude to assist you all through out the construction period and even until to the after operation services we could offer you and your family .

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