Newly Turned-over Project by CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEV’T CORP

A year has gone by and yet, the CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEV’T CORP, is still on the go of making its every client to their total satisfaction. Four of them have been taken to their own life-style and dream houses to come true. With the total assistance, surveillance and huge prayer to make every dealings with them to successfully done, we finally came to the finishing lines to give what they want- THEIR DREAM HOMES! And as part of our journey as instrument and detour of the every client’s dream to come true, of making their every dreamed house to be like a real home, we have this fourth general house construction package, which is now totally finished with its complete fixtures and beau. We are proud to present this newly turned-over project by CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEV’T CORP.

We are happy to say that, despite everything happened and every encumbrances we faced on construction this project, we are now on the finish line to make the owner be proud of having decided again to make their dream home to come true. It is our honor to have their house plan done successfully with all due cause and cost, of course! We did the great job in giving everything they need in this house they have. And it was full of thrill and excitement as well, because of the new learning and insights we discovered. As per the project update, it is now totally done with its complete structural and architectural developments base on the client’s preference. We built their own conceptualize house and base on their considered costing.  The granite tiles and ceramic tiles are base on their choices; so with the paint colors on the exterior and the interior. Though we input some of new innovative way to make this house looks modernize in its interior and to its peak beau, still it would be in cooperation with the owner and with their preferred views.

In behalf of the full force of CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEV’T CORP.,  we would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Vanissa D. Delos Reyes in giving us the chance and for giving eared our ideas and suggestions to help you to make your once-planned and now a concrete dream home for your family! We are happy working with you and seeing your entire family satisfied with out craftsmanship and customer service assistance.

CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP is ready to help all its clients to address the financing needs in building their dream homes, may it be in the purchase of lot, construction of house or mixed residential buildings, commercial buildings, purchase of house and lot, renovations, home improvements through its business partnered bank which will be able to accommodate 80% to 90% of the total project cost and is subject to bank approval.

CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP offers the following services: a.) General Construction; b.) Interior designs; c.) Architectural designs; d.) Accepts renovation, remodeling; e.) choose your own design; f.) free consultation and g.) flexible financing scheme.

For more inquiries, more details, free site viewing and bookings you may contact us CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP at through +63-(088)-583-0005 (PLDT) or +63-(088)-880-7412 (telefax) or +63-927-545-1491 (Globe) or             +63-999-875-4537       (Smart) and LIKE US ON our Facebook Fan Page CDO HOME BUILDERS & DEVELOPMENT CORP. or you may email us at [email protected].